Selected Reviews, Catalogues and Books

Genie Davis: Annetta Kapon: Thirty Years. January 2022

 One bed photo per day, for years and years: Mesmerizing moments from an art show about daily life. LATIMES, April 09, 2018 

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Blurb, April 2017

Wertheim Love Review.pdf Wertheim, Oct. 28, 2016

PROXY.pdf. 2013-2016 Blurb, March 2016

The Measure of Value  Catalogue essay by Marlena Doktorczyk-Donohue, October 2010

Personal /Political (catalogue) State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece. September 2009

Why Not, Catalogue Camac Art Gallery, Marnay sur Seine, France.
from the catalog: Flat is a Feminist Issue, by Simon Kenrick 2007

From the Stock Room to the Hospitality Suite: Notes on the Work of Annetta Kapon
Biennale of Sydney 2004 Catalogue On Reason and Emotion Biennale of Sydney Essay by Allan Sekula

Ossian Ward, “Biennale of Sydney” Frieze 86, October 2004 (photo p. 168)

Isabel Carlos, “On Reason and Emotion, Translation, Post-Colonialism and Other Difficulties” SCAN Magazine, January 2004

Frieze #63, November-December 2001 Carmine Iannaccone

Women in Dada: Essays on Sex, Gender, and Identity  1999 Naomi Sawelson-Gorse (Editor)

Johanna Drucker “Le Corps d’ à Coté”, Cahiers du Musée National d’ Art Moderne, Paris Printemps 1995

Margaret Morgan, “From DaDa to MaMa: Feminism, the Ready-Made and Contemporary Practice” in BINOCULAR, Edition Contemporaine, Sydney, Australia, fall 1994

Peter Plagens “Summing Up Doom and Gloom” Newsweek, January 25, 1993

Kenneth Baker, "Anything Goes - and it Works Well", San Francisco Chronicle, March 7, 1992

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