Synopsis 2014

A video about the structure of video, mice and computer screens, structure as content.

Moderato 2014
00:01:39 digital video

A video about video, time, movement, sound, metronome, still photography, Man Ray.

The Line Between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, 2013
00:02:00 Digital video

I walked three blocks right on the line between BH and LA on Gregory Way.

φ phi, 2010
00:06:00 silent

φ phi is a 6-minute silent video loop, a continuous line of gold necklaces joined end-to-end slowly cascading vertically on the screen, bisecting the HD TV rectangle at the point of the Golden Section called φ or Phi in engineering, from the name of the Greek sculptor Pheidias. This was part of my 2010 exhibition The Measure of Value at Las Cienegas Projects.

My German Vocabulary, 2007
00:02:27 silent

These are all the 57 words I know in German, in the order in which I remembered them. They betray something of my ethnicity, nationality , age politics, cultural identity and education.

Verbatim, 2000,
00:04:30, DVD, sound

The video "Verbatim" quotes verbatim the institutional language of rejection letters in order to speculate on my subjectivity as an artist. Here various committees reject me and praise me. The sentences point to multiple collisions: among the market economy of art, the notion of self image, finally the very negation of the properties of video: a motion picture with no motion, no pictures, addressing the broader system of the funding, promotion and construction of art careers and ultimately artists.

My first ever video: Marsha Steinberg, 1982. 00:06:15, B+W, sound